A Letter from Mothers

Some of us wake up to the smell of chocolates. Trays full of delicious foods, fruits and drinks put on our breasts in bed.

Some of us wake to the beeping sound of a text. A message conveying how our motherhood is appreciated, adored and envied.

Some of us wake up to a kiss, on the forehead, on the cheek, on the lips. ‘We love you’ mom, they whisper to us.

Some lucky of us wake up to a coincidental day, where our birth dates collide with this special day our children call, Mother’s DAY.

Every year, our children, more than us, look forward to this day. We are championed for our never ending effort of being a mother. We often hear ‘everyday should be Mother’s day.’ We are often branded with seemingly endless superlatives, “Best Mom Ever”, “The Queen”….All these, oh how all these make our heart warm and our souls rich, you couldn’t possibly imagine. Our reward, we hope, must exceed beyond words galore and plethora of gifts.

We are in an excruciating pain when you decide to come out of our wombs. The moment you take your first breath and the air hit your lung and you start crying, we put away all the pain we just have endured and start caressing you. We become vulnerable to your smile, your tears…your everything.

As you start to toddle, we jump as if we have won a lottery. We ask you to do it again and again. As you lose you first tooth, we smile and cherish the moment. As you go to school for the first time, we worry as hell and we are happy as heaven. When you fight with your siblings we tell you to stop it (but really we love it to beats). When you’re off to your first day at the University, well, you know how we feel then.

All this, we do it with LOVE. Our reward from you is not celebrating a day in May to cherish us (don’t get us wrong, we really love it). But YOU are our reward. All of us have raised you with LOVE. Our reward is you spreading the LOVE we taught you every single day. When you go out in the world, you represent us. We need you to multiply our affection to you, to the world. You becoming successful in life, working for your dreams, living for others, showing gratitude, EVERY SINGLE DAY, that is our reward. When you do this, please know we will be filled with priceless pride, as we will know WE HAVE RAISED YOU WELL.


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